Published on 03/08/2017 by Brady

When you hear the word “punish” usually a drop shot does not come mind. However a well executed drop shot can be a very effective way to keep your opponent on their toes while at the same time hitting an easy winner.


  • Iiro Suominen 5 months ago

    I like to do forehand drop shot with semi western grip since I feel that my opponents can see whats coming if I would change to continental. Do you think that its better to use semiwestern if it doesnt make the shot significantly harder?

  • TNToncourt 7 months ago

    I practise the drop shot against the wall and just try to graze it.

  • Heidi Prada 8 months ago

    This is super excellent Brady! I'm going to try this. I tried the other tip where you punish slow balls with a skip step. Works!

  • A.K., Vasudevan 8 months ago

    This is very good. I have a friend he not only runs faster than me to get the drop shot but lobs it. Second he has a nasty forehand sharp chopped drop shot that curves clockwise very quickly after it drops to the ground- this 'salami cut' drop shot is very difficult to return. Any method to return such heavy spin drop shots that lands 3ft. past the net????vasu

  • Jonas Bellander 8 months ago

    yes this is effective, on clay its even more effective bc ball just stop, :),

  • N Gowthaman 8 months ago


  • Jay Walks 8 months ago

    Is your next video the fake-drop shot? 🙂

  • Shimassi 8 months ago

    Love this play 😀 if you do it enough the other person doesn't know where to stand. They have to come closer to help deal with the drop shot but that makes your go to fhs so much easier. Though of course you know that. Another great video! 🙂


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