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When Exactly Does Pronation Occur? | PRONATION

2 weeks ago20631 21

As you know by now, pronation is a vital component to having a strong serve. But when exactly should pronation occur in the service motion? Find out in today’s lesson with Brady.

Pronation Quick Fix Tip | PRONATION

2 weeks ago26471 27

Performing proper pronation is not the easiest thing to do in tennis. In today’s lesson, Brady takes a page out of Nick Bolleterri’s bag of tricks to encourage pronation on the serve and overhead.

Pronation A Must? | PRONATION

2 weeks ago22331 16

Do you have to pronate on your serve? If you want anything more than minimal racket head speed, the answer is a resounding yes. Find out why in today’s lesson with Brady.

What Is Pronation In Tennis? | PRONATION

3 weeks ago20131 15

What exactly is pronation when it pertains to your tennis game? Brady breaks it down in the most simplest of terms in today’s lesson.

Slice vs Drop Shot Technique | DROP SHOTS

1 month ago1961 0

How does the technique differ between a standard backhand slice and a backhand drop shot? The difference in technique is slight but produces drastically different results.

Pro Drop Shot Tip | DROP SHOTS

1 month ago23411 15

Any high-level drop shot requires a good amount of backspin, which oftentimes your opponent will conveniently help provide for you. Find out how in today’s lesson with Brady.

Backhand Drop Shot Technique | DROP SHOTS

2 months ago22831 9

The backhand drop shot shares many similarities to the forehand drop shot, yet there are a few key advantages that make it even more potent. Find out how to master the backhand drop shot in today’s lesson.

Forehand Drop Shot Technique | DROP SHOTS

2 months ago26501 13

The technique for the forehand drop shot is unique in many ways in comparison to any other stroke in tennis. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses how to execute the forehand drop shot.

3 Times To Hit A Drop Shot | DROP SHOTS

2 months ago24131 10

The drop shot is one of the most fun shots in the game, however it is often abused or utilized at completely the wrong time. In today’s lesson, Brady demonstrates three ideal times to hit a drop shot.

Serve Toss Progression | SERVE TOSS

2 months ago2521 0

The serve toss can be easily practiced with a few simple progressions. In today’s lesson, Brady demonstrates an easy drill that will help work your way towards having a consistent serve toss.

Variety In Toss? | SERVE TOSS

2 months ago24081 8

Should you always have the exact same toss or change it depending on the specific type of serve you’re hitting? Find out in today’s lesson with Brady.

Common Toss Mistakes | SERVE TOSS

2 months ago28041 22

The serve toss is a relatively simple motion yet it continually gets botched at the recreational level. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses 6 of the most common mistakes he sees on the toss.

Serve Miss Quick Fix | SERVE TOSS

2 months ago29031 32

Do you consistently miss your serve long? Or do you have the opposite problem…does your serve always go into the net? In today’s lesson Brady dishes out a quick fix to solve these common misses.

Serve Toss Mechanics | SERVE TOSS

2 months ago32771 44

The serve is unquestionably the most important shot in tennis, and the toss is the most important part of the serve. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses 5 tips for ensuring a good toss on your serve.

Topspin Drill | TOPSPIN

3 months ago2081 0

Every tennis court has a built in barometer too see how much pace and spin you’re getting on your groundstrokes. In today’s lesson, Brady demonstrates a simple idea on to gauge how much topspin you’re hitting.

How Much Topspin? | TOPSPIN

3 months ago25261 6

How much topspin should you hit? That’s a loaded question…but it can generally be answered by knowing just two factors: the height of the ball and your position on the court.