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Variety In Toss? | SERVE TOSS

4 days ago17171 8

Should you always have the exact same toss or change it depending on the specific type of serve you’re hitting? Find out in today’s lesson with Brady.

Common Toss Mistakes | SERVE TOSS

6 days ago20921 10

The serve toss is a relatively simple motion yet it continually gets botched at the recreational level. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses 6 of the most common mistakes he sees on the toss.

Serve Miss Quick Fix | SERVE TOSS

7 days ago22981 32

Do you consistently miss your serve long? Or do you have the opposite problem…does your serve always go into the net? In today’s lesson Brady dishes out a quick fix to solve these common misses. **CORRECTION** – In my last example I misspoke. I quite obviously meant to say “more in front” which will bring […]

Serve Toss Mechanics | SERVE TOSS

1 week ago26191 40

The serve is unquestionably the most important shot in tennis, and the toss is the most important part of the serve. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses 5 tips for ensuring a good toss on your serve.

How Much Topspin? | TOPSPIN

1 month ago22351 6

How much topspin should you hit? That’s a loaded question…but it can generally be answered by knowing just two factors: the height of the ball and your position on the court.

3 Common Topspin Mistakes | TOPSPIN

1 month ago28861 21

Most players know that hitting topspin is essential, yet they try to achieve it the absolute wrong way. In today’s lesson, Brady discusses 3 ways you should NOT do when trying to hit topspin.

Maximize Your Topspin | TOPSPIN

1 month ago28991 31

How do you go from hitting some topspin to a ton of topspin? In today’s lesson, find out how differing racket paths and racket speeds produces significantly different results.

How To Generate Topspin | TOPSPIN

1 month ago29751 30

Generating topspin is a fundamental skill for all levels of the game, yet many players misunderstand what actually creates topspin. In today’s lesson, Brady demonstrates how to generate topspin involving just two simple factors.

Chip & Charge Play | BEATING PUSHERS

2 months ago24971 13

The “chip & charge” is almost a lost art. As we’ve seen the modern game take over the past few years it’s getting more difficult to approach the net. However, in today’s lesson we’re turning the clock back a bit as Brady demonstrates how this play is particularly effective against a pusher.

Approach Down The Middle | BEATING PUSHERS

2 months ago24011 7

Pushers play radically different from your typical player, so it makes sense that you will employ strategies against them that you would not normally use. In today’s lesson, Brady demonstrates how approaching directly at a pusher can be quite effective.


2 months ago26161 13

Pushers are typically very fast…sometimes so fast that you have to use their speed against them. In today’s video Brady demonstrates a play that utilizes hitting “behind” a pusher.


2 months ago23721 10

A pusher loves one thing more than anything else: time. If you give a pusher plenty of time to chase down a ball, they ultimately will. In today lesson, Brady discusses how to effectively take time away from a pusher without racking up unforced errors.


2 months ago29181 27

Overhitting is one of the most common mistakes players make against the dreaded “pusher”. In today’s lesson Brady discusses how you can still play aggressively without overhitting.

Eyes At Contact On Volleys | CONTACT POINT

4 months ago31931 20

In our last lesson we established that lifting your head away from contact on a groundstroke can actually free up the swing. So is this the case on your volleys as well? Find out in today’s lesson with Brady.

Eyes At Contact? | CONTACT POINT

4 months ago33711 21

Where should your eyes be at contact on a groundstroke? The answer may surprise you. In today’s lesson, Brady tackles this topic dealing with where your focus should be at point of contact.

Straight or Bent Arm? | CONTACT POINT

4 months ago33901 19

“Should your arm be straight or bent at contact?” is a common question many recreational players have. In today’s lesson Brady tackles this topic and much more.